Facebook Paid Advertising

Why It's Important

Facebook ads are so important to brands because of the extra reach, exposure, and targeting options available to brands who advertise on the network. For every single brand that advertises on Facebook, it’s also important to be able to segment social media performance by paid vs. organic activities.

How Paid and Organic Likes Are Calculated

Paid and organic Likes are broken out within Facebook Insights’ Like Sources. Like Sources can be viewed within the Insights tool or the Insights data export, where the number of unique people who liked your Page are broken out by location. You can find the following three sources of paid Likes within Like Sources:

  • Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Sponsored Stories
The sum of these three sources represents the total number of paid Likes for your Page.

How to Use It

When you advertise on Facebook, it becomes more difficult to report on audience growth that is driven organically. Nevertheless, for social marketers, it’s important to both understand the impact of paid advertising and avoid attributing paid Likes to successful community management tactics. Segmenting paid Likes from total Likes allows you to do just that. By separating the two, you can accurately report on community growth while still being able to identify trends in organic growth.

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